Dr Rebecca Caines

I believe in interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative creation, critical thought, and community connection. In these things I find hope.

Virtual Memory Boxes (2011) was a performative event, web project and research investigation held in two cities, Guelph, Ontario and in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In this project artists collected video footage of a city, and invited a local historian to join the event. During the event, participants, historian and artists collected memories of a city through recording stories, making video, drawing, digital photo and text. Whilst the memories were being archived, the website itself was being created live, showing the labour as the content was formatted and uploaded. The resulting website requires users to search an empty screen for memories that appear, layer and slowly fade. The project explored the tensions between ideas of memory, performance and improvisation and allowed for a transient, living archive that marks its own creation. To see the websites that were created, please visit:



Poetic Displacements (2013) was an exhibit in the group exhibition entitled The Synthetic Age at the Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, Saskatchewan. The new media art piece by Rebecca Caines and John Campbell examined online and physical responses to three sites in Regina. Each site included panoramic photographs and video, scrolling screen capture video of internet search results about each site, poetic texts and audio recordings, and locative media of the site accessible through a clickable map. Sites included abandoned cafes, railway yards and parkland.

Castlereagh Cultural Connections is a program of arts and cultural events that are developed and programmed by the Castlereagh Borough Council Arts Officer. For the first three years of Cultural Connection in her role as Arts Officer, Rebecca Caines planned and facilitated a host of new community arts projects ranging from drama and art with young people to new literary publications, to mural projects, intergenerational and anti-sectarian projects, emerging film artist showcases and exhibitions of new work. She also programmed a series of concerts and exhibitions of leading Northern Ireland artists in partnership with the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and many other partners.

Rebecca Caines started Greymantle Productions Inc. in 1995 to work with other young artists in the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Through a series of large scale interdisciplinary theatre projects, Greymantle engaged with young performers, video artists, musicians and film makers and worked with the larger community networks who supported and took part in the community plays and performances. Productions included Lord of the Rings (1995), Angel of Harlem (1996), The Project: A Light in the Wasteland (1998), Tempest(s) 2000, Libertad (2002), Museum of Living Exhibits (2003), and Gas (2004).