Dr Rebecca Caines

I believe in interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative creation, critical thought, and community connection. In these things I find hope.

Improvised Remembering:
Noise into Signal

KAF x FUSE ISEA2016HK Residency Program
Wuhan Artist Village
Residency April-May 2016
Exhibition K11 Art Gallery, Hong Kong, May 2016

Rebecca Caines and John Campbell

Project Description
How do we remember a place without falling into stable, static, and ultimately privileged archival strategies? What is the relationship between the improvised and the remembered, and between the immediate and the recorded, especially when we consider our memories of our produced and producing perceptual, conceptual and lived sites/spaces/places? How can creative audiovisual work build performative memories to disrupt authorised narratives of place? The artists contend that disruptions using digital technology can insert alternatives, breakages and slippages where they are needed into dominate media signals, allowing a subjugated place to be remembered into being.

Rebecca Caines (Australia and Canada), and technologist John Campbell (Northern Ireland and Canada) will share a studio for this residency to explore the relationship of improvisation to the action of remembering place, and to create these moments of improvised disruption. They use a combination of social engagement, DIY digital media hardware and software, live performance, visualist techniques, and soundscape work. Their time will be spent on three interrelated project elements: an extended, socially-engaged, performative digital artwork created with the local community; the completion of a new participatory digital performance tool; and a final public participatory performance utilizing this new tool. They will also create professional networking presentations and public talks, host studio visits, produce residency documentation as required, and contribute to the ISEA conference exhibition.

Memory Box workshop K11 studios Wuhan detail1 Memory Box workshop K11 studios Wuhan2 Recording at the K11 studios Wuhan3 ReFuse exhibition chi K11 Gallery detail4 ReFuse exhibition chi K11 Gallery5 Virtual Memory Box Wuhan in chi K11 Gallery6 Wuhan Improvised Remembering Performance K11 studios Wuhan audience7 Wuhan Improvised Remembering Performance K11 studios Wuhan detail8 Wuhan Improvised Remembering Performance K11 studios Wuhan9
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